Comprehensive describes the multifaceted operation that is AMR. Presenting an extensive list of critical engineering services, AMR tailors solutions to suit every situation. Whether it is designing or hurricane resistance or conducting environmental site assessments, AMR is competitive in time and budget, as well as thorough, reliable and inventive.

Finding the Perfect Solutions

Cayman Engineering & Partners and Arch Engineering Ltd. merged to form AMR Consulting Engineers. The two well-established and respected firms joined forces in order to provide the Cayman Islands and Caribbean with a premier engineering consulting firm. Our services include:

Structural Engineering Design

Our consultants prepare cost-effective structural design solutions for various types of residential, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings and civil works projects.

Civil Engineering Design

We provide design and detailing solutions for a variety of projects including civil aviation works, land reclamation, roadways, parking lots, drainage and coastal works.

structural engineering services

AMR Consulting Engineers

Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering

Our team investigates existing below-grade ground conditions to determine optimum foundation design.

Project Management

We facilitate management and coordination of members of the project team to ensure on-time project completion. We also implement cost control measures during construction to ensure that the cost does not exceed the budget.

Resident Engineering Services

We are providing site inspections and technical support for our own or third party designs.

Environmental Engineering Services

We offer environmental site assessments, site remedial action, storm-water management, design construction and operation, environmental soil and groundwater sampling, analysis and reporting.

Piling Inspection and Testing Services

We provide services for monitoring piling installations, pile integrity testing, static compressive and tensile pile testing up to 400 tons.

Site Surveying

We carry out topographic surveys (non-legal) and offer services for setting-out and control of structures.


Site Monitoring

Site Monitoring

Our expert team provides daily on-site monitoring and reporting of structural and civil engineering construction. We keep as-built records of structural and civil engineering elements, including foundations, slabs, columns, beams, walls and roofs.

Structural Integrity Reports

We also offer advisory services for the condition of the existing structures.

AMR Consulting EngineersAMR Consulting EngineersAMR Consulting EngineersAMR Consulting EngineersAMR Consulting EngineersAMR Consulting Engineers