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Cannon Place, North Sound Rd, George Town, Cayman Islands



Building Everything You Need

When AMR was established in 1996, it had one mission: to provide “Excellence in Engineering Solutions and Service” in the Cayman Islands and the Caribbean. A fusion of two respected firms, AMR is vigorous in its passion for the profession, people, and possibilities.

At AMR Consulting Engineers, we strive to find simple, efficient solutions for each task, problem, and project. We put in extra time and effort to determine the optimum solution , thus minimizing construction costs by eliminating the extraneous and focusing on the most efficient design that will culminate in best-value construction.

The AMR team collectively presents a portfolio of proven expertise on major regional and worldwide projects. At AMR, superior service is essential and it upholds itself to the highest standards. Its multi-disciplinary capabilities traverse a range of market sectors as its leaders reinforce best practices. Modern in its approach, AMR puts the specialties of its experts to the test, consistently delivering dependability alongside exceptional results.

We are a multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy company covering all aspects of engineering within construction. We have extensive experience working in the Cayman Islands. We offer our clients a wide range of services from design to project management and site monitoring. Our experienced and qualified consulting team is known for delivering excellence.

Six Time Recipients of the Governor’s Award, 2011 - 2021

AMR has been the recipient of the prestigious biennial Governor’s Award for Design and Construction Excellence in the Cayman Islands for five consecutive turns between 2011 and 2021. In 2011, for the geotechnical and structural engineering of Sea Grape House, an exemplary example of cutting-edge, sustainable, and luxurious residential design. In 2013, for the civil engineering of George Town Barcadere, for the highest level of creativity, sustainability, and environmental consideration. The award was received most recently for the structural engineering of the LEED® Platinum certified renovation of the Arch & Godfrey offices at 49 Mary Street which set new standards on the preservation of raw materials and efficiency in the Cayman Islands.

The biannual award is promoted by the Office of His Excellency the Governor of the Cayman Islands in liaison with the Cayman Society of Architects, Surveyors and Engineers (CASE) and the Cayman Contractors Association (CCA).

AMR Consulting Engineers
AMR Consulting Engineers

Our Expertise

We have engineers with current professional registrations in Canada, the U.K, the U.S.A., and the Philippines. Some of our engineers have trained, worked, and qualified under top industry leaders such as ARUP, Ramboll, and Halsall Associates. Our engineers have successfully carried out commissions in many parts of the world including the U.K., Russia, Turkey, Philippines, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, Bermuda, Canada, and the Caribbean. Our team of talented individuals and our global approach, integrated with local knowledge, towards engineering consulting services are the main reasons for our success. We believe in providing complete customer satisfaction by delivering excellent services to our clients.