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Cannon Place, North Sound Rd, George Town, Cayman Islands



Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering

Our geotechnical and structural consultants work together to execute complete site investigations to investigate existing below-grade ground conditions and determine optimum foundation designs with respect to structural considerations and value. Our geotechnical investigations typically include the excavation of trial pits and boreholes to build a comprehensive understanding of the ground conditions at any site.

For deep foundation systems, we provide services that ensure reliability and have the potential to reduce final construction costs, such as monitoring piling installations, pile integrity testing, and static compressive and tensile pile testing up to 400 tons.

Going beyond the local standards, the AMR team uses modern technologies in geophysics to maximize client savings and expand structural design possibilities. These investigations have led to exceptional schedule and cost savings for projects of all sizes. They have even been used to create solutions that would not have been feasible without these types of ground evaluations.

Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering